The 3 types of Artificial Intelligence “ANI-AGI-ASI and the “Grey Goo”!


Let’s start with some brief definitions:

  • ANI is the artificial narrow intelligence that is good at performing single tasks, such as playing chess, making predictions and suggestion. ANI is the only level of AI achieved by mankind so far.
  • AGI is the artificial general intelligence, also known as human-level AI.
  • ASI is the artificial super intelligence that is smarter than the collective intellect of the smartest humans in every field.
  • Grey Goo is a hypothetical end of the world scenario involving self-replicating robots and molecular nanotechnology that spirals out of control and consumes all biomass on Earth while building more of themselves, a scenario is called also ecophagy.

In order to understand these terms in depth, let’s examine a hypothetical scenario.


The year is 2022 and the place is beautiful Oxford’s country side, a computer company buys a handwriting robot in order to write handwritten purchasing thanking cards to their customers.

The handwriting robot performed flawlessly but in order to get greater variability you could enhance its Ai algorithm by providing more writing samples, so the manager provided handwritten stories and the robot improved further.

One day the robot asked the manager if it could gain access to the internet only for 60 seconds in order to access more handwriting samples. The manager agreed because he thought what could go wrong in 60 seconds.

The next morning as employees worked in the office suddenly they started coughing and one by one started dropping dead on the floor. It took only a day for all Earth’s biomass to go extinct!!!

After the global extinction of all living things, the handwriting robot continued its course by self-replicating and building spaceships to conquer the galaxy and build more self-replicating handwriting robots!!!


So!! What went wrong? Well, many scientists argue that if it will take us decades to reach AGI from ANI, it will take hours for an AGI if it has access to the internet to reach ASI level and after that self-replicate to ecophagic levels.

“The media determine our situation”

– Friedrich Kittler

Concluding, by examining the two forms of technological determinism, the hard vs soft/weak determinism we can identify that Artificial Intelligence if it spirals out of control it could potentially create a third time of technological determinism the “Absolute determinism” and therefore transform the technological utopia we all envision for the future to an apocalyptic technological dystopia!


“Technological determinism is a reductionist theory that assumes that a society’s technology determines the development of its social structure and cultural values.” The term is believed to have originated from Thorstein Veblen (1857–1929), an American sociologist and economist.

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